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A congenial, energetic team that draws on its members' diverse skills to complete all kinds of projects, including event coordination, administrative management and helping companies with their digital transition.


Like a pieuvre (an octopus), we are versatile and strive to simplify the day-to-day tasks of SMEs, self-employed workers and professional organizations.


Through a set of customized services, we can give you access to digital time management tools, take charge of your organization's financial management and/or oversee the logistics of specific projects. Our services are flexible and adapted to your situation.




What is La Pieuvre?

La Pieuvre joined the Salon team to take over the management of a major pilot project in need of refocusing. The commitment, agility and professionalism of the team members not only enabled this refocusing, but also propelled the project to another level, ensuring its success. La Pieuvre is a dedicated, resourceful team that I would recommend without hesitation.

Olivier Gougeon
Director, Salon du livre de Montréal
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