La Pieuvre, who is it?


Our team

Pieuvre is a versatile team dedicated to making its partners’ lives easier since 2019.


Elisa Turcotte-Joyal

Elisa joined the Octopus team in September 2022. A literary buff, Elisa knows how to handle words as well as she does responsibilities. And Elisa learns so fast she doesn't even need Hermione Granger's time-turner to work magic in our many mandates!


Gabriel Svaldi

The newest tentacle of La Pieuvre, Gabriel was a natural addition to the team, and he joined us in May 2022. As an entrepreneur, a dad (x 2) and a former D&D Dungeon Master, he can multi-task with a flexible, positive approach, not to mention staying calm and collected. His secret: his love of tea, preferably chai. We’re still trying to find his flaw!

Dom et Yan_edited2.jpg

Yan et Dom

Yannic and Dominic founded La Pieuvre in 2019. Their experience with launching and managing cooperatives, non-profit organizations and private businesses and their involvement in many projects, events and festivals have helped the agency adapt and customize its services.


Yannic always finds the best way to maximize joint efficiency. An essential team member in the planning and development phases, he is the master in chief of project mechanics. Through his understanding of collaborative tools and his abilities as a facilitator, he knows how to bring the team together both in person and remotely.! Bonus: he's never in a bad mood… unless you write his first name with a K at the end.


Dominic takes the lead, in a voice that's just a little louder than the rest. He's the one to rely on in an emergency or tricky situation. He’s a born organizer who will help make your projects a success. A driving force surrounded by good people, he will find the solutions needed, guaranteed. He is already an endless well of energy, so whatever you do, don't offer him a coffee!