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La Pieuvre, who is it?


Our team

Pieuvre is a versatile team dedicated to making its partners’ lives easier since 2019.


Elisa Turcotte-Joyal

Elisa joined the Octopus team in September 2022. A literary buff, Elisa knows how to handle words as well as she does responsibilities. And Elisa learns so fast she doesn't even need Hermione Granger's time-turner to work magic in our many mandates!


Gabriel Svaldi

The newest tentacle of La Pieuvre, Gabriel was a natural addition to the team, and he joined us in May 2022. As an entrepreneur, a dad (x 2) and a former D&D Dungeon Master, he can multi-task with a flexible, positive approach, not to mention staying calm and collected. His secret: his love of tea, preferably chai. We’re still trying to find his flaw!


Yan & Dom

Yannic Rozon and Dominic Rozon founded La Pieuvre in 2019. Their experience with launching and managing cooperatives, non-profit organizations and private businesses and their involvement in many projects, events and festivals have helped the agency adapt and customize its services. 

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